The most popular words

Don't know what i am feeling now? 
the most popular word is "GALAU" or "Gundah Gulana"!

can't sleep as there is one thought that burden. as I was saying "GALAU". It funny! These words are often used the people "ABG (Anak Baru Gede)" whose name is a new feeling in love. Haha .. Labiles people ! "Galau" are common in people who are lonely may I the one? To be sure these feelings suddenly appeared, and without us knowing. Comes not picked up that always makes us grumpy, emotion or even crying! do you ever feel what I feel right now? I think, Yes! Everyone will ever feel like this even the children or our parents.
What should I do?
Already an hour looking at computer screens and occasionally opening the social network "Facebook and Twitter". not activities like unusual ! Ah so freaky ! thinking to write what my mind and pour into the words like this "NGACAPRUK" - write without a clear way! whatever is on my mind pour into the writing even though I didn't understand what the meaning of my writing is? But by the writing made me a good mood. at least my "galau" be fall off.  Anything what I felt tonight! I wanna this all didn't continue until tomorrow! Only tonight! Want to go bed and sleep well like the princess haha .. 


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